Thursday, February 1, 2018

Product 60 Controller JWS

Pcb JWSD versi Premium Kiriman dari China sudah mendarat  Order ID: G126540
Order time & date: 1/4/2018 3:03:54 PM
61.41mm * 45.88mm ,Thickness:1.6 mm, 2 Layers, Finished Copper:1 oz Cu  

buat nya d softwere Pcb Wizard n corel

Sippp..sudah datang   

Premium banget kau  harus cetak kesana .kirim desain n  direview di youtube n dapat gratisan.

 Mantap pak guru Rokhmad Astika Triprasetia  lulus... next


Monday, January 1, 2018

36 Postamp AVR and how to place order in PCBway

I got design from my friend. he ask me to print the design into Printed Circuit Board.

okey.. i sent it to pcbway.. the easy way to create circuit board. International Quality Export. I wonder to khow can PCBway create clean board in smd mode.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

33 starter kit bronanda atmega8 atmega328 at pcbway

mr anson ask... did you create starter kit? yes i made it.  it not my design.. its Bronanda design from semarang city. with this pcb student learn n practicing the lesson. start from blink led... beep buzzer.. and write hello world on standar 16x2chars lcd monitor.   for lightweight i choose 1mm.  still strong material.

and this is mini system atmega8 trainner kit
u can dload at

32 share n sell your design at pcbway

can you see above? they pic generate at pcbway website. you can find the button sharensell after the gerberfiles uploaded successfully.

Let join us,visit the shared projects. This time pcbway have much growfast collection pcb design at end of 2017.. contribute from many engineer all the world or perhaps outspace ? nobody know :)

back to my design...  although special price 5usd/10pcs  constrain minimum track 0.3mm but i m statisfied.. look at my that complicated or weird ? ...haaaa make me dizzy. good track..well done. i m no doubt about the quality. its great .size 99x99mm

order start from mid september. I recieved the pcb at oct via china post forwarded with indonesia post. dont care about longtime delivery i m not in hurry. try to buy component untill nov not yet finished. in this descember become abandon project.Maybe next year i try to build this project. my brain still focus at end year annual report at office.

31 esr meter experience order from pcbway dot com

my order being reviewed
can u see ? light weight more cheap shipment cost. i choose 1mm pcb thick.   I got good special price promo 5usd 10pcs. come join us hopefully become large open hardware community at pcbway.

the quality is excelent. shine red.. you can choose. single layer..the results looks naked with white footprint at top side.see photo bellow.  my tips.. if u wanna naked black footprint component try whitesilk single layer

at this time.. its almost abandon project.. but my friend help me. i sent several pcb to him include this esrmeter.

Finally.. tada... project completed. only pic can tell thousand word

Friday, December 22, 2017

39 runnin led round clocx

39 runnin led round clocx

Cool Rounded PCB. I put 12 Pad for LED SMD with Transistor
no wire.. only breakout holes...  you can add 4017 running LED
or Atmega8 for more variation LED. Snake Logo is just cosmetic :)
download it .. mod it.. n upload it to PCBway with new revision.

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PCB Contest;
December 10,2017

<a href=""><img src="" alt="PCB from PCBWay"></img></a>

38 heart beat led dot matrix use pcb arduino pro shield

arduino pro shield  is small shield. i always called it halfduino...  because the size only 5x5 cm...

i meet the mini dot8x8 at cute and buy them
code :

ref :sparkfun   arduino pro smd  ori desi9n :

mod  :

m#d#f#c#t##n  :