Tuesday, April 11, 2017

order PCB half free only 5 dolar at pcbway

student.. researcher.. spicy offer from pcbwy    only 5 dolar. i love free blospot to tell you free stuf.. keep study my kid...   i try to produce PCB toy for my kid.   wronk drill file ..so.. pitty...

i promise.. uncle bobo could produce sometink cool PCB....  just e momment i will be bck..

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

arduino use atmel 32 KB 40 pin

i need layout to create my aduino32 ... yaaai.....   i found board add for arduino at Mr. Vanbwodonk at github.. try googgling . gelatino

Monday, February 13, 2017

love led 2017

love led 2017  umm can you create layout PCB  for me ?   i do keep  minsys atmel32  40 pin.. for special project. anyone can do favor to me create source code?

portB use for USBASP.    so i use  port A port B and PortD  at upper pcbside as connector ..see below:

Monday, January 23, 2017

Project number ASX14. Early year 2017 lilypad project

im interestinq use lilypad round pcb..  seem cool.. to add to my collection.  stict use wire to fabriq.  put led surround.. feel like not ordinary runninq led. but its space alien disc :D

mode 1.  classic runninq led.

mode 2. flip flop..paralel

mode 3  dual spin

mode 4 wiper swap

any suqqestion ???

minsys avr 28pin

minsys avr minimalis   produksi mdse  beli nya disini  tokopedia dot com toko mdse judulnya sistem-minimum-system-sysmin-board-atmega328-atmega168-atmega8.  menariknya disini dia mempublikasikan desainnya.. tapi seniman sejati tidak akan membuat pcb sama.. saya sendiri punya ide untuk memberi  koneksi ke serial  yaitu vcc tx rx reset 0volt .  ladalaaa.... :)

Monday, November 7, 2016

How About Purchasing Order Number 13 at PCBway

Owh sick number. i forgot it. i think I aborted it because wrong upload file. i got double controlboard. I sould upload filterbrd not controlbrd. but it's seem near and of the year. I become bored with this design. need improvment into atmega controller board. but lack of knowledge. i will ask more help to my friend to create skecth code program.

and the Project Deleted.

Experience with High Price continue or not

It's hard decision to make PCB with high Price production. Many questions and of course need more much money.  I think it's offer budget.. that pcb must be not exspensive too much. If they production not cheap then finally aborted project.

for example i have design from Mr.Pram about stacked digiclock. yes it more than 10cm so i cannot meet requirment about special price ($10 with 10pcs) i decided pending this PCB, wait for discount or promo / support fund, perhaps put banner logo PCBway on my PCB :-)

another trouble is i try use diptrace. export them, in gerber format, and ncDrill format. but they still must do "requirement or technology changing"  (hmm.. and the price rise up suprisingly)..but i just wait and see some miracle happen on my Project number 12.  (immposible?)

I must continue to pay them or not ?   lets wait and see...